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The NEW Solutions Enrollee Program is on a biweekly payroll system that runs from Saturday morning through the second Friday night.

A check or direct deposit verification will be mailed to you from the NEW Solutions headquarters office in Arlington, VA every other Thursday.

Direct Deposit is strongly recommended. Your paycheck is deposited into the bank of your choice on the check date. Direct deposit is the fastest, safest and most efficient way of receiving your money. To update or change your direct deposit information log into your ADP account. Under Myself, select Pay and then Payment Options. If you need assistance, please contact your Payroll Support Team.

Lost or stolen paychecks may be avoided by utilizing direct deposit. Keep in mind that holidays will often affect the delivery time of the U.S. mail. However, if a check is not received 7 days after the pay date, the enrollee should:

  • Notify the NEW Solutions Field Office of non-receipt.
  • Complete and submit a Stop Payment Request. Click here to print a Stop Payment Form.

A replacement check will be issued and sent within 5 business days. If the "lost/stolen" paycheck is received after the stop payment process is initiated, the enrollee must return the original paycheck to the NEW Solutions Field Office immediately.

Click here to access the Enrollee pay schedule for the current calendar year.

Authorized Hours

The assigned hours an Enrollee works every pay period are considered authorized hours. These hours determine the amount of holiday pay for which an Enrollee is eligible.

Work hours over 40 in one week must be approved in advance and timesheet approved by monitor.

Should your authorized hours change at any time, you will need to adjust holiday hours accordingly.

If an Enrollee's authorized hours need to be changed for a sustained period, the Monitor must contact your NEW Solutions Field Office.

An Enrollee must work a minimum of 60 hours per pay period to maintain medical insurance eligibility.


Enrollees are not authorized to work overtime.

Volunteer Hours

Volunteering extra hours without pay is disallowed under federal wage and hour law.

Compensatory Time

You may not take compensatory time off in lieu of overtime payment. Compensatory time is defined as taking time off instead of getting paid for hours worked. This is disallowed under federal wage and hour laws.